Breaking Anxiety Agreements Workbook- Why I Decided To Write This

Anxiety, Anxiety, Anxiety. We hear about it all the time. There are different types of anxiety and different causes. The word in itself alone can bring up fear for us. Weirdly, if you think about it, anxiety is just …anxiety. It’s there for a reason: survival instincts. It’s there to keep us alive. However, it can bleed into other areas of life other than just survival and that’s when it gets messy.

I still get anxious. Like, REALLY anxious. I’m not going to stand up here and say “I used to have anxiety, but I no longer do, and here’s how to…” Nah, nah. In fact, I’m going to admit, over the past few months, I resorted back to old ways I used to cope with anxiety.

I go into it more in next week’s post, but to give you a summary: I relapsed. A lot of life’s challenges knocked me down this past fall and instead of getting back up- I would resort to things to knock myself out. The areas in my life that were once stable, began crashing down. I was constantly getting sick and instead of using the sources and knowledge I had to cope with these things, I had a “fuck-it” kind of attitude and went back to old ways. I hid my habits, became distant, flat, and lost interest in everything.

This workbook includes the tools, awareness, and knowledge that I wish I had taken. Honestly, I have been avoiding putting this book out for a while because I would’ve felt like a hypocrite if I did. How could I lead others towards the light, if I wasn’t doing the work myself? So, today, I am using these self-awareness techniques when it comes to breaking away from anxiety and destructive coping behaviors. I hope that these tips will help you, too, climb out of the darkness. Yesterday doesn’t matter, today does.

With Love,


Here Is A Link To My Book, Breaking Anxiety Agreements.

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