Hi! This blog is dedicated to sexual abuse survivors. By sharing my own story and healing journey, I hope that you receive the clarity, comfort, courage, and healing you are searching for. My intention is to help others not feel as alone and confused as I was for years. There’s not an exact three-step method when it comes to healing. However, throughout the years I have learned about many tools that have helped me and I believe it’s important that I share them.

On this blog, I approach healing from many different angles. This is because I’ve learned that talk therapy alone isn’t a cure-all (although it does help!). The body, limiting beliefs, relationship dynamics, diet, and exercise must be looked at when one wants to break away from the cage of mental suffering the abuse put them in. 

Commonly, the survivor loses their core identity after abuse. Over time one might find themselves basing their lives around what has happened to them. Many survivors, like myself, tend to respond to the present moment based on the past. It’s incredibly difficult to detach oneself from that experience. The goal is to learn to break the agreements we have made with the trauma. An example of this is, “I do ___ because of what happened to me.” Now, for years I believed that I was left to be a victim of circumstance. Especially as someone who suffers from PTSD, I felt like I had no control. I’ll be honest, to this day, PTSD is a battle. I am learning that the solution isn’t getting rid of the PTSD but learning how to respond to it. Here, I talk about how to break away from the beliefs about yourself that are no longer serving you. You’ll learn to create the world that you want to live in, rather than being drug through life based on the past. This is why this blog is called Breaking Agreements. 



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